Frequently touted as the best handyman in Austin, Matt McCorkle is a “Human Swiss Army Knife” who offers a dizzying array of services that range from carpentry, to plumbing, to electrical work and even full remodels. Visit the “Services” page to see all the areas in which Handyman Matt can help you, or continue reading to learn more about his qualifications, professional philosophy and personal life.

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Who is Handyman Matt?

Hailing from a long line of engineers, mechanics, designers and building, Matt seems destined to have become one of Austin’s best handymen. The oldest of six children, he became the go-to helper of his father, an electrical engineer who embodied the do-it-yourself spirit that defines Matt’s handyman business.

Today, Matt is not only a celebrated Austin handyman, but a proud father himself. It’s unclear whether the handyman gene will pass down to a third consecutive generation, but Matt’s raising his son with the same sorts of values that built him into the man—and handyman—he is.

Professional Background and Philosophy

Matt’s been building his reputation as a top handyman for the past several years, but he actually began his career as a paramedic. These days, he’s traded medical equipment for a truck full of tools, but it’s unsurprising that he excels so much at saving the day, given that he literally used to save lives for a living.

Like his father, Matt is a man whose success derives from his commitment to his core values—he’s honest, hard working, reliable and a “give-it-to-you-straight” kind of guy. A lifelong critical thinker, Matt always aspires to fit the proverbial square peg in the round hole, in spite of how well he understands the laws of physics.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for something simple like building a deck, or a comprehensive remodel of a personal or commercial property, Matt is the Austin handyman who can get the job done fast and right. Contact Handyman Matt today and see for yourself how much easier the Human Swiss Army Knife can make your next job!