From a small “honey-do” list up to a full remodel, Matt has earned his reputation as a Human Swiss Army Knife.” He has been making sawdust since he was able to hold a hand saw, and through the years has built his knowledge and tool-set to be your one-stop shop. Scroll down through this page to get an idea of the wide range of services Handyman Matt offers.

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General Contracting

When your project calls for all hands on deck and you don’t want to make all the phone calls, pull the permits, and oversee every detail, Matt is your guy.  After all his years in this business, Matt has built an extensive network of tradesmen and laborers he can call on. You can trust Austin Handyman Matt to get the job done!

Full Remodeling

Have you been living in the same place for years and grown tired of looking at that outdated kitchen? Does your bathroom look like a museum from the 70s?  Did you just buy a home and want to freshen things up before you move in? You’ve got the vision—Handyman Matt’s got the capable hands to build it into reality.


First and foremost, Matt is a carpenter.  After all, what is a home without its bones?  From rough framing of walls, to staircases and roof changes, to cabinetry, shelving and even furniture, Handyman Matt has got you covered.  Outdoor living spaces, such as decks, awnings, screen porches, pergolas and fences, are his favorite projects.


Nothing lasts forever, unfortunately, and leaky pipes and fixtures can really wreak havoc on your daily life.  One of Austin’s top handymen, Matt has the tools and experience to take care of 95% of residential plumbing issues, and saves you the expense of bringing in a specialist for what is likely an easy job.

Drywall, Tape and Float

Want to take out a wall?  Build a closet?  Repair a door knob oopsie?  Did your angry ex put his (or her!) fist through the wall?  Did you think your car was in reverse but it was really in drive? Never fear, Matt can make it look like it never happened. (The wall blemish, not the relationship that caused it, unfortunately.)


Electricity jobs are scary, even if you don’t have nightmares about getting shocked or starting a fire. Matt is not only a top Austin handyman, but the son of an electrical engineer, from whom he’s been learning his whole life. Hire Handyman Matt to add a circuit (or two!), add receptacles (plugs), install recessed (can) lights, troubleshoot circuitry and more.

Doors and Windows

Like most human beings, Matt makes a better door than a window. Professionally, however, he’s great at working with both. Sticking or sagging doors, kick-ins (post-burglary), window replacement, lockset change outs, seal replacement, security upgrades—these are all bread and butter for your Austin Handyman Matt.


Hate that nasty carpet full of allergens, dirt, and pet dander?  Whether you want to replace your carpet with modern stained concrete, timeless wood flooring or durable laminate, Matt is your guy.

Rental Properties

If you have tenants, you know that they often don’t take care of your property the way they would if they owned it.  Matt has done countless “make-readys” between tenants, and can offer suggestions for “idiot proofing” to save you money in the long run.

Special Projects

Do you have something in mind that doesn’t fit neatly in to one of the above categories?  Let’s talk! Matt really enjoys the challenge of putting all his skills to use on unusual undertakings.